The Catalan Ocean Rowing Association (OceanCats) was born with the aim of participating in the Atlantic Challenge regatta while fighting against the pollution of seas and oceans.

Some may think that crossing the Atlantic Ocean for thirty days is crazy, but for the founders of OceanCats it has become a dream. The Catalan Association of Ocean Rowing (OceanCats), currently constituted as the only association of this discipline in the whole of Spain, was born last year with three objectives: the development of the sport of ocean rowing, the preservation of seas and oceans and awareness of the importance of marine ecosystems.

Ocean rowing is basically the sport of rowing for many days across the oceans in ocean boats with a capacity of one to four people. In Catalonia, this is an almost unknown practice , as the sport of rowing has always been developed in two ways: Olympic and fixed bench rowing – or lute. In addition, it should be added that ocean rowing has no official competitions beyond ocean crossings and the main difficulty is that no one dedicates their whole life to challenges of this magnitude that are usually done only one blow to life.

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